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We seem to have no immediate remedy for this problem so please give me a moment to vent.

It is hot. Beastly hot and humid, with wind fresh out of Hell. Perfect day for work by the pool, right? No. Nickelback Neighbor strikes again, with the added bonus of starting his Harley every 15 minutes to gun the engine for no reason. So back inside I go.

The dining room is out as a work area because we’ve begun the prep to paint, so my only option downstairs is the breakfast table. This room has a ceiling fan and should be good. 30 minutes into my work and all is well. UNTIL... the other neighbors have a pool party. Their pool has only our driveway and a hedge between it and our house. The pool is filled with kids. This part I don’t mind - I teach at an elementary school so playing kids are fine. We’ve had many afternoons of kids in that pool when the previous owners lived there. BUT. These neighbors have a Screamer.


The Screamer is their youngest daughter. She shrieks at everything and certainly appears old enough to know better (I’m guessing 8 or 9). Happy? Shriek. Surprised? Scream. Excited? Both times 10. When she throws a fit (several times daily) make that both times 1000. The kid has unbelievable ability both decibels and duration. I’ve been listening to this for six, yes SIX fucking hours today. My last nerve is frayed.

I’ve watched her several times with a critical teacher’s eye, looking for any possible clinical indication. Maybe she’s on the fringes of autism or EI and I feel like a royal bitch for my irritation. Nope. I get nothing other than she is a horrid spoiled brat. Her HS age sister is in charge of her most days and this kid flat out refuses any request or direction from her. Refusals punctuated with short, sharp screams leading up to a full screaming meltdown until her poor sister just gives up. Then the kid immediately stops the fit with no wind-down, sometimes in mid scream. And she calmly goes about doing whatever she wants to do.

The parents seem nice enough but often rather clueless. We’ve already had to talk to them about a pretty big issue with their dogs and although it did save them from potential trouble another neighbor was planning to cause, I think talking to them about this is totally over the line. I’m hoping she’ll grow out of the screaming stage before she leaves for college.

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