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It's raining so my eczema is flaring up so I'm itchy all over and I didn't get the library job "because while branch manager was really impressed, human picked the candidate who had worked there before." Also, best female friend wants to go into the city on a Saturday night in the most expensive neighborhood for bar hopping and didn't listen to me when I told her to her face that I cannot afford to go after having spent all my money on two ren fair trips in as many consecutive weekends but somehow understands when best male friend tells her the situation. "Even boy who wants to sleep with me is going!!!" Yeah, cuz he wants to have relations with you, genius. I also don't want to go because I'll have worked that morning and after having to be pleasant to humans for six hours straight, first thing in the morning, I'll have no sociability in me left until the next day. All I'm gonna want to do is take naps and play video games and eat things. Both friends got on my last nerve last Saturday because best male friend wouldn't stop bothering me at work and best female friend pestered me into hanging out for another 4 hours even though we were gonna hang the next day (last Sunday) at the ren fest. She watched my human play dead space, a game with zombies and jump scares even though I had no interest in scaring myself since I have to walk to work. Now that bff understands why I don't want to go, I'd already allowed myself to be bullied into going to really expensive cityland. Just cuz she's still my best friend and it's her birthday but I'm not drinking and I'm not gonna have fun. If a human tries to talk to me at the bar I'm ripping its head off.


ETA: SINCE BFF WAS MAD THAT I DIDN'T WANT TO GO INTO THE CITY, SHE DEMANDED HER DEADSPACE BACK FROM MY HUMAN. Which is her prerogative, as its her game, but I don't understand why she feels the need to punish him for my supposed misdeeds.


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