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Is me today!

I had to skip my workout last week (I do a super pricey barre class on Saturdays—during the week I'll jump or nothing, usually, being forced into swimming in high school ruined me for exercise) because the IT department got me sick. This week I'm still getting over it and so I'm skipping it again, because nobody wants to be the person who passed out in class.

The last two weeks have been globally terrible, so there's that. Ferguson, Syria, Gaza, LA, Iraq, Ukraine, West Africa—we're so fucked. Why are we so terrible?

I posted a general "cultural appropriation is not okay, Taylor Swift" status it blew. the fuck. up. and now someone I considered a friend but not close showed that he is, in fact, an idiot who doesn't understand privilege, which I should have realized when he once told me that women get laid easier than men. (Which in itself is not bad, but he said it in a super Nice Guy (tm) way. And lots of other white people piled on and hit every square of the White Privilege Derailment Bingo board. And many of them are people I really care about, so I felt like a crazy person and That Feminist.

I applied for a job at my company that would be great, but I'm pretty sure I have approximately zero chance of getting it and my friend will, which I'll be happy about for him, but sad for me. I need a raise.

But today I'm going to a wedding of people I love and then a birthday party for a person I love and my best friend is coming for a visit on Tuesday! So it's not all bad. I'm just a grump.


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