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Grumpy IPod help

So I have all this new music and I would like to listen to it in my car, which is where my iPod lives most of the time.

I took it out of my car and connected it to my computer, preparing to remember how to transfer songs to it with this weird new iTunes. (It makes me feel like such an old that I have a hard time with the current iTunes, but it's so shitty). But apparently, my iPod had other ideas.


The screen read - "Please wait. Extremely low battery." And the little circle thinking thing was twirling.

No big. I'd just wait for it to charge.

Nope. Hour later, same screen.

Then I thought it might be one of those weird things where it has to be attached to an outlet, not the computer. So I plugged it to one for a few hours. No change.


The really fun thing is when I put it back in my car, it worked just fine.

Anyone one have any ideas what I can do to make it communicate with my computer. I think it might be dying now (it's at least 5 years old), so I want to make sure I have all my music backed up, and I would like to add my new music so I can enjoy it until it dies for real. Oh, it's an iPod classic.


Any tips would be really helpful.

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