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I've been extremely grumpy today. I failed at making omelets this morning, because I can't get them right ever. Each time I try they don't come out the way they're supposed to. I looked up videos, I've read how tos and nothing has helped. I have given up on omelets, so I would not like omelet advice. They frustrate me enough.

Mr. Agador Spartacus has been grating on my nerves and I'm trying very hard to not snap at him over small, inconsequential things. However this means I've had to lie down a few times so I can calm down and enjoy his presence. But it's short lived because something else mildly annoying happens (he spilled water all over the table and floor) and it makes me even more irritated. I really want to be completely alone today.

I don't even know if I want gifs, I just really needed to vent.

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