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Grumpy Mood

I realize what’s been bothering me all weekend: I’m a rule follower in a world where only 70% follow the rules.

Rules have a purpose; they help a diverse group of people cohabitate space (somewhat) harmoniously, and they only work when everyone follows them. Otherwise, while the rule breakers are happy, the rule followers are not.


Cases in point:

  • I have a season pass to the musical theater series in the city, and on multiple occasions, there have been assholes trying to secretly take photos of the production, except not only are they assholes, they’re stupid assholes, so the flash goes off, illuminating the whole theater and totally taking me out of the moment.
  • I’m pretty sure my apartment complex is a pet-free one, yet the people living above me definitely have a dog, so I have to deal with hearing it run back and forth, or dig at the ground.
  • The parents in the complex let the kids run around in the quad area all the time, which is annoying, but fine. What bothers me is that they let the rugrats absolutely trash the place—there is garbage everywhere. I’ve lived in a place where people completely disregarded the common living space, not even when I lived with stupid college kids. I hate how trashy, LITERALLY, my space is.
  • I rarely go to the movies, and when I do, it’s because I want to immerse myself in the show instead of being distracted by my computer, my phone, or my noisy neighbors while at home. Yet, when I went to the movie on Friday, there was a couple talking through most of the movie in front of me, and then two guys sitting a few seats next to me that were texting throughout most of show, which I saw, despite the dimmed screen, every. damn. time. they took them out.
  • I’m trying to get back into a gym routine, and I like using the circuit machines to take out the thinking part of the gym. The rules are all over the area—that it’s for the circuit use only, and they even have lights to indicate when one should move. Yet people come in all the time and do multiple sets on the machines. I was quiet about it and just skip over to a new machine, but I’m trying to be more upfront about things, so I confronted three people about it today. One person just moved, one person moved after asking if they could finish their set and I reminded them it was a circuit, and the third one...ugh. When I asked to work in, she said when she was finished. When I reminded her it was a circuit and we were supposed to move each time the light changed, she said “I know,” put in her headphones, and then did another set right in front of me. Bitch.

Rules are there for a reason, and I’m living in an area where few seem to give a shit. They just live their lives as if they’re the only ones in it, and it makes for an unhappy Me because I recognize that I have to coexist with strangers.


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