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Grumpy offers a peek at a hot time at home - safe for work`

I went to my Ex's open house last night; when I got there the 2nd wave of people so we chatted for a while then the 3rd wave hit and we all chatted for a couple hours - it is weird how old habits can resurface - sitting next to her it was like nothing had changed but of course it has all changed.

When I came home I thought that maybe I could make some beads and take some pictures to give you an idea of how much fun it is. Here is the torch lit and adjusted for a slightly higher heat so that I could work faster:


Yes, I am that messy - I have not cleaned up in a while. I want to show the yellow I am working with so that you understand that temperature does fun things and you have to know what you are working with:

The pic also give you an idea of what the sodium flare is; this particular yellow work reddish, and it can be confusing - the first time I worked with this yellow I thought I had burned it to red (red can actually burn out to black - the red pinky ring I showed yesterday had darkend somewhat by my overheating it but it actually fit my mood cuz I was in a pretty dark mood at the time. So here is the first bead:


Then I get fancy and put 3 beads on a mandrel:


The trick to making 3 beads on the mandrel is that when you are ready to temper the beads you heat up each bead to glowing so that each of the beads are the same temperature throughout, then jam them into the vermiculite to soak. So this next bead is a FAIL - I worked the bead with glass that was not hot enough and bead broke free from mandrel as you can see the bare metal at the bottom of the pic - you can also see that the thin glass cooled enough to show its true colors.


Look at that - I did a selfy too. Anyway, I have to go to bed, so here are the 5 mandrels of beads I made last night (Oh and I signed a lease on a place this afternoon - Yay).


So here they are - I did some inclusion work but they do not seem to have turned out too well. I just pulled them out of my pocket - they did not turn out so bad, but they need to have the bead release cleaned. Since these are opaque, they will be easy to clean up - soak them in water for awhile, then ream them with small round file and finish with pipe cleaner. I do teach bead-making on occasion; first step DO NOT FEAR THE FLAME.

I hope you all had a good weekend

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