I present to you, a cranky vent:

My birthday is coming up and I used to plan fun things but I have to kind of respect the Mardi Gras calendar because sometimes it gets eaten up by Mardi Gras (which is fine, means there’s fun happening whether I plan it or not). But Mardi Gras is late this year and I could have a Real Birthday and I don’t even want to! But I told people I was going to and now I don’t want to hear it if I lazy out. I just don’t feel like planning anything. I used to be fun.

I got these new neighbors and they are loud as fuck and now I’m a grumpy old lady being like FUCK YOU FOR BEING SO LOUD AT 6PM ON A SATURDAY! I WAS JUST SETTLING INTO BEING ALONE ON THE COUCH WITH MY DOGS! And why is someone jack-hammering right now?! I am sick and worked all day which is adding to my grumpyness.

All these people are arguing about Bernie Sanders on my Facebook and can they just shut the fuck up please? I’m on #teamnoone in this argument - on one hand we have Nostradamus telling everyone how he’s literally the Only One Who Can Win and on another side we have someone making condescending comments about how we can never ever fix any of the problems we have and anyone who supports Bernie is an idiot (this person also is a Democrat who fights with the fire of a thousand MAGA hats against the idea of Medicare for All claiming that everyone gets insurance through work...). How about...here are the pros and cons of a candidate, and because I’m not a human monster I will vote for anyone in the end to keep Trump and the Republicans out of power? I realize that’s not a long-term goal but FFS we are in a state of emergency.

If I could get people in my town to be ONE FUCKING FRACTION as upset about literally anything as they are about the Saints losing their bid for the Super Bowl - I mean there are lawsuits and petitions and protests and shit planned - the world would be a better place. I try not to be that person getting all preachy on Facebook but I couldn’t take it. My husband and I went out of town for a few days (he never posts on social media) and he even just wrote “I’m not coming back home until you crybabies are all done with this shit.” And he likes football!


We’ve started getting a weekly CSA and it’s great! Unfortunately it prevents me from cooking in bulk and my meal prep routine is all off so I feel like I’m kind of tied to the hearth these days...my husband works really long hours and hates cooking and I don’t and and I love cooking, so cooking is always my chore, but....hmm. Also I don’t want to eat his food! I’m better!

I have some sort of itis in the top of my foot/big toe and no doctor knows what it is and I guess this is just how I am now.


End vent, commence thankfulness that I have the luxury of complaining that I have shelter, too many vegetables, the choice to vote, the ability to walk even with an itis, that I’m living to see another birthday, etc. etc.