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Grumpy Rantings of No Particular Importance to Anyone But Me

Dear Sweet Special Snowflakes of Readers on Groupthink:

I am miserable today. I am normally very happy and upbeat, but not today. Nothing terrible has happened, my house is still there, my car is still running, I still have my job, I am in excellent health.


I have two separate things I want to gripe about, so if this isn't a flavor of ice cream that you can dig on right now, then I love you but no need to read further.


1) I am having the fugliest cramps of my life right now. Today is supposed to be the first day of my period, and it's not happening. Which is freaking me out. Probably for no reason, but it's stressful because for the last year I've been on this birth control, I've settled into a reliable cycle. And when wonky things like this periodically happen, I tend to freak a little and rethink my entire life.

2) Work. OH WORK. Let me preface this by saying how grateful I am to have a stable job that gives me benefits, in my first two years out of school. I work in a very male-centric office (oilfield). We've been doing a little downsizing in the office as of late, but not because we don't have the business. We've had several people fired for varying offences, others have left because of better offers in competing businesses. I tend to think of my boss as a generally nice person, who unintentionally gives me the shaft sometimes. Like the time he forgot to call me when the Christmas party the office was throwing was cancelled, and my boyfriend and I showed up to the venue and sat for an hour and a half. Or how he might casually mention to another employee about how late I stay to finish my work sometimes (literally 10 minutes). Or how he very obviously favors the only other young employee here, giving him more work and more advancement than literally everyone else here who has been here longer.

I've been to his office to talk to him twice within the last six months, offering to fill in for the more than 6 vacancies, do any job, because I'm very good at mine. So good in fact, I don't think he wants to move me from where I am. I'm Lindsey Lohan bored with where I am.


Our upper management came in today. When I talked to him two weeks ago, he said, "Hey, they're coming in a week or so, I'll get together with them and see what we should do, we're going to shuffle people around." I'm not sure that he said anything of the sort to anyone.


He's a new boss, and most of the time is genial. So I cut him slack. But man does it piss me off sometimes.

Again, guys, none of these are really big issues. But JEEZE am I irritated right now.


Thanks for the ears, sometimes you just need to talk about stuff (even if it is just to the internet where maybe nobody is listening). Hugs plz?

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