I know, its thursday only in NZ yet. I do not care about timezones, okay?

I am grumpy. I am in my third week of the cycle, and my progesterone is high, and I sleep shit, and I am grumpy.

It is spring now. 3rd day, to be exact. But rain, a southerly and 3 C in the morning and at night is not spring. I want sun, and a temperature of above 11 C.

I am also a mean person. A german person. Someone brash, in your face, holier than thou, criticising person. Or so I got told.
“I love you, but I do not like all your negative comments on my blog,” she wrote. She is an awesome person who is on a diet. She does well. She goes on boot camps. But also, she posts stupid memes. One I criticised a month ago was about how eating dead food makes you dead inside, and that you need living food...fast food was the pic for dead, and broccoli for living. I commented that food is not black and white, and that by separating food into evil and good it just makes orthorexia and other food problems worse. also, it is BS. All our food is dead. Unless you eat living crickets.
The other one was...worse. “I am happy when I do not eat anything, it gives me a kick when I have the strength not to”. I wrote that this meme can be problematic for people with anorexia. and now I get drama for it. I have not told her that she is a bad person, I have not judged her, and I do also criticise an american friend for posting only “pro-policemen” memes (police men lives matter, etc). I also criticise racist, sexist, and other -ist BS, even if it is posted by Takei, or some other famous person or group. I want people to think about language, about the hurtful way they use words like “gay”, “retard” and “man-up”.
And it makes me grumpy. Not that I got called out, but that I feel bad that I got called out for criticising a stupid meme for being stupid. I should not feel bad. There are better motivational memes out there, ones that are not dismissive or offensive for some people.

I should be feeling awesome. Not because of that, but because I am working on a paid project. four hours so far only, but that is four paid hours more than the last 2 years.

Anyway, please send animal gifs to counteract my high progesterone levels.