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GT Anti-Racist Book Club?

Hey, Lovelies!

A few of us, here on GT, were talking about reading White Fragility together and I wanted to see if more folks would be interested. And, would you be interested in reading other anti-racist books and chatting about them in the future?

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Please comment here to let me know:

1) Would the end of July work as a discussion date? (The book is on back order in a lot of places and I’m sure libraries have mile-long wait lists; we could plan for August, if more folks need)


2) Would you prefer to discuss the book here on GT (which we’ve done in the past for the GT book club and worked fine), via email, Zoom, or some other way I’m not thinking of? I’m thinking an email group would be good, so we could share insights, resources, etc. as they come up w/o creating constant GT posts, but I’m open to other ideas for sure

3) Would you be interested in continuing past this book? I’d be happy to commit to running a quarterly book discussion


4) If so, what other books and/or authors would you like to read and discuss as part of an anti-racist book club? I have a few of these lists floating around (one personal, one for my students, one for a faculty book group that I was getting set up in the Before Times), so no pressure to come up with stuff but I’m def. interested to hear recs from other folks :)

5) Would you need help purchasing a copy? And/or would you be willing to send a copy to someone who might need help getting one?


6) What did I forget to ask? :)

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