No plans on Valentine's Day? Spend it on GT! A few of us were discussing on IRC the other day the idea of spending Valentine's on IRC to chat and watching (hopefully bad/corny) movies.

-You can always sign up for a trial account (a good way to bingewatch House of Cards/OINB as well).

-Nominate a movie that you would want to watch as a comment, and recommend or comment on your fellow GT-ers nominations and we can narrow it down based on the most popular selections on Thursday.

-We can try to have a non-romantic selection (Sharknado, anyone?) as well.

-We can try to have two viewings of two different movies (or more) one for PST/EST, and if someone in another country wants to find other people to watch with, post so your fellow timezone mates can find you, or we'll try to accommodate you.


*When you nominate a movie, PLEASE note whether it is available on Amazon Prime/Netflix/Youtube/Hulu/streaming*