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I love GT beauty threads, because I'm pretty basic and a creature of habit. I rarely go exploring for new products unless something I love gets discontinued. Or it was a Sephora sample that I loved.

When I was getting ready this morning, I realized that GT has infiltrated my bathroom.

Because of you guys I have:

  • Switched to Sulfate free shampoo. It has made a huge difference, to the point of my stylist asking what I had changed because my hair was a lot healthier. I just got Burt Bee's shampoo, and now I have to change my conditioner because my current one is to heavy for my apparently less damaged hair. You guys, my hair is looking gooooooood. Almost amazing. It's so weird, and I keep asking myself who's hair I stole.
  • Picked up Suave dry shampoo. Love it.
  • Started using cleansing oil. I am not DIY-ing it, because it seems the general consensus is that it was a little too oily. It's too soon to see how it effects my skin on the long term (it's not magic after all), but as a whole, I enjoy it. My skin seems softer and it's not too oily at all.
  • Condition my hair with coconut oil at least once a month.

You guys are awesome.

What GT recommendations have you guys tried and loved?

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