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It’s time to talk about Bad Feminist!!

I really enjoyed this book—I hope y’all did, too!

I’ll offer a few questions to get us going. Please feel free to answer them and/or offer your own questions.


1. Which essay(s) resonated with you the most? Why did those essays pull you in, do you think?

2. What did you learn about yourself/the world, through reading this book?

3. Did this book affect your feminism/how you see feminism? If so, in what ways?

4. What do you think about the title and the last esssays of the book? Do feminists hold ourselves and/or each other to too high a standard? If so, how does that hurt us/our causes?

Finally, if you’re interested, here’s a link to Gay’s TED Talk (it is brilliant—you should check it out!!):

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