Post: The First; Recommendations

Okay, folks! This is the post to comment with your book suggestion(s) for our first meeting of the Groupthink Book Club. It’s okay to suggest more than one, as long as they’re in separate comments.

Don’t forget to go through the comments and “star” (recommend) the comment(s) containing the book(s) you would like to vote for!

I’d like to suggest that we only nominate books written by women for the first month.

The top five books nominations with the most stars in 24 hours from NOW (4:00 PM CST) will make it to our final poll from which the book will be chosen. We’ll have the book decided by Monday so hopefully everyone will have time to find a copy by May 1. May 31 will be our discussion post!


Disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m going to try very hard to be your fearless leader/host for this first month!