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GT Book Club: August Nominations!

Hey, all, it’s that time! As promised, our theme for August is beach reads!

That’s a pretty open category, I think, but to give you some guidelines, I’d suggest things that read quickly and are maybe more entertaining than super-literary. Of course, that’s just my idea—feel free to nominate anything you’d love to read on a sunny summer’s day.


Oh, one other request: some folks have had a hard time getting GTBC selections at the library so if we could choose something that’s not brand new and in demand, that could be helpful. :)

Feel free to nominate as many books as you like, just make sure each nomination is in a separate comment. Star the books you’d like to read to vote for them and feel free to vote as many times as you like, too!

I’ll leave the nominations thread open till tomorrow, when I’ll post the top 5 nominees for a final vote. We should have our August selection by Mon.

And, don’t forget, the GTBC discussion of Station Eleven is this Sun. Our own wonderful redpanda is so excited to be hosting!


Thanks for your nominations and participation, guys! Happy reading!

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