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GT Book Club Discussion: The Handmaid's Tale

Oh my god, this fucking book. Where do I even begin?

EDITED to add this question I just thought of: What would you do? If you were Offred? Or a handmaiden?


I don’t feel sophisticated enough to start this discussion, but I’ll definitely try. And I’ll happily participate in any discussion y’all wish to start.

I guess I’ll start with the end. I want to know what happened to Offred. I like to think she escaped via some sort of underground railroad... And I imagine that she does escape but she never sees her daughter or husband again. It just seems the most likely to me.

What about you all? Is Nick a Mayday supporter or a government agent?

What do you make of the Commander? Should we feel bad for him? Is he compassionate? And rebellious Moira? Do you think Offred ends up in a place like Jezebel’s, or worse?


The character I did feel bad for, besides Offred and the other handmaids, is Serena Joy. Pool old girl just wanted a baby. Right?

ALSO, what the fuck is a shredder? I imagine the baby bursting violently from the womb with claws and fangs, but clearly this doesn’t happen because it seemed Janine gave birth to a pretty normal baby.... who turned out to be a shredder.


Most importantly maybe, is this a realistic future?

Talk about this stuff and/or whatever you want.

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