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Are y’all ready to talk The Poisonwood Bible?! Because I am!

I’ll start us off with a couple questions but please feel free to talk about whatever and bring up questions of your own. There’s so much going on in this book, there’s no way I can cover it all with my questions. :)


First of all, just... how much did you love this book?

Which sister/sister’s story/sister’s voice did you find most compelling? And/or relatable? Why?

This book is just packed with critique of western cultures’ ideas about gender, race, religion, democracy, family, ability/disability, the environment, and more and more and more. What do you think about the political themes and how they’re presented?

What did you think of Nathan’s fate? And Adah’s realization about his “wives”?

Why didn’t Rachel return to the U.S.? And why didn’t Leah stay in the U.S., once she returned?


What do you make of the last chapter? The woman saying Kilanga was not a village....?!?! The p.o.v.?

Ok, I know there are a million more things to talk about! What do you think?

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