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GT Book Club: June Recommendations

Hey, y’all, it’s time to start figuring out what we’ll be reading next month for the GT Book Club!

As you might know, this month we’re reading The Girl on the Train and SpectacularRaptor (the brains behind the whole operation!) will be hosting a discussion about it on May 31st. I’m 2/3 of the way through and I will be finishing it today—I can’t wait!


I will be your hostess with the mostess for our June discussion. First, though, we have to figure out what to read!

For May, the theme was women writers. For June, I’d love to suggest we read a non-fiction book. We’re gonna be SOOOOO SMART, you guys!! Maybe it also could/should be by a woman writer? Misandry?


So, just like last time, please submit recommendations in the comments; you can nominate more than one book, as long as each rec is in a different comment.

To vote for a book, star that comment. And you can, of course, vote as many times as you like. Hell, we won’t know.


At 10 pm CST tomorrow night, the 5 suggestions with the most votes will become our finalists. If all goes as planned (and we don’t have a tie again!), I’ll put the finalists up for a vote Sunday morning and we’ll have a selection by Mon. Yippee!

Thanks for your continued excitement and participation, guys! Happy reading!

ETA: Voting to choose semi-finalists is closed. I’ll open a poll tomorrow to decide our official June selection. Thanks, guys!

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