By a handful of votes, October’s selection is...

drum roll please....

Thomas Olde Heuvelt’s Hex!


I might need someone to host the discussion because my local library doesn’t own this. I did put in an interlibrary loan request but Homey, the ILL maven at our library, suggested I might not get it in time to read with you guys.

Would anyone be willing to be this month’s host, should I be unable to get it in time? I would be oh, so appreciative! Whoever volunteers, I could let you know by Oct. 15 whether I can host.

Since there’s a chance I might not host, I won’t say for sure which day discussion will be, but I would suggest that 10/30 or 11/1 might work better than Halloween for many folks.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys it! And I hope to be able to read with y’all!

Happy reading and Happy October!