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GT Book Club: Y'all ready to talk WHALITC?!

Eeeeee! I’m so excited for this!

So, I’ll start us off with a few questions (ok, more like a million, lol) but of course, as with any book club, feel free to add your own questions.


First, I just want to know: What did you think of the book?

Other questions I have:

Why did MerriCat kill the family in the first place? And why did Constance take the blame?

I wonder, do you think the townspeople treated MerriCat and Constance the way they did because of the murders alone or was it something else?

Was the villagers’ anger rooted in class differences? Is their resentment about gender? How would the story have gone if it were about the Blackwood brothers, instead? Or if the Blackwoods weren’t wealthy?


Why did Uncle Julian say MerriCat was dead? Did you notice that he never spoke to her?

Why did the townspeople put out the fire before destroying the house? Why not just let it burn?


Why are the villagers still scared of the Blackwood sisters at the end?

Why didn’t the sisters leave after Constance was acquitted? And why stay after the fire? Does this have anything to do with the title?


Also, just a heads up, they are currently working on a film version of this, with Alexandra Daddario as Constance, Taissa Farmiga as MerriCat, and Crispin Glover as Uncle Julian. #notmyconstance

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