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Welcome To The Bitchery
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GT Brainstorming Session (OT)

Happy....*checks Calendar*....Wednesday everyone! It’s another day in this world we live in. How is everything going in your life? Has anybody bothered to brush their hair this morning?, cause I haven’t. Such is life.

I have a question for everybody, but especially those people who are regularly dealing with video conferences. In my job, we normally hold many meetings that are open to the public. Only select people can participate in the meeting, but by law they need to be open to the public for people to observe. Since the time of Covid, we have cancelled all of those meetings but are now looking to move them virtually. We are testing our capabilities, and in tomorrow’s test, I have been given the role of “the disrupt-er”. Basically, I am to be a member of the public who does not realize my role is silent. At least for this first run through, I am not to go full-out “internet troll who is hell bent on causing as much chaos as possible” but more “this person is really annoying and the moderator needs to shut him/her down” (the internet-troll hell bent on destruction will occur in a later test, so I am informed).


So my question is....what things annoy you in your zoom/skype/webx/whatever meetings that cause the meeting to go slightly off the rails? I already have plans of constantly un-muting my microphone and doing loud things or making comments, but what else can I do? I need some fun ideas! (We are using skype for business if anybody knows specific ways that can be utilized to cause issues).

Otherwise, talk about whatever else you want.  Did anybody see any ducks?  I was supposed to see ducks this weekend but they didn’t come visit.

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