If you could cast your favourite novel/comic, who would you cast and why?

I'll start with the Southern Vampire Mysteries (the novels that formed the basis for True Blood). Claude and Claudine, the beautiful fairy twins (well, triplets, really but Claudette dies out of series), were not really cast as they were described in the books. This is really common with True Blood and a lot of adaptations in general. They didn't have a huge part in the show, so I suppose it doesn't really matter.

But I've had a mental picture of them since I've read the books.

For the tall, voluptuous Claudine who has dark hair and pale skin, I've always pictured Welsh singer Marina Diamandis (Marina & the Diamonds):

For Claude, her supermodel-handsome (AND HE KNOWS IT) brother with a sardonic disposition, I've always pictured Ian Somerhalder (aka the Smolderholder):


So who would you cast/recast in your favourite roles?