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A few days ago, I posted about my newfound love for Youtube yoga instructor Adriene Mishler and how I am planning on doing her 30 Days of Yoga challenge in June. This got a few of us excited about doing the challenge together, and some of us have already started. So I am going to open this up to everyone, should you choose to join us. Only this isn’t going to be a challenge just for us into yoga, I want to open this challenge up to everyone as 30 days of self-care no matter what that means to you.


So what do I mean by self-care exactly? It could be anything that makes you feel good about yourself from exercise, to committing to eating a plant-based food at every meal for 30 days, to 30 days of mini spa breaks, meditation, or even 30 days of taking time out to write down some really nice things about yourself in a notebook. Just doing something that takes a little break from what we all do, which is focusing all of our energy on everything external and not remembering to focus inward and treat ourselves a little.

I’ll set the official start date for June 1st, so I am giving you guys a couple of days to think about what ways you want to treat yourself. If you need help with ideas, Greatist has put together a list of 25 different methods that are recommended by mental health professionals. Below is the introduction to Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga challenge, and for anyone who would like to join us that might need some modifications for moves, I am adding links here to both Curvy Yoga and Body Positive Yoga, both of which also have great mini-lessons and interviews with awesome ladies like Jessamyn Stanley. I will check in every Monday to see how progress is going. I hope you join me on taking a month to bring wellness into your life.


And because I love it so much, an interview with Jessamyn Stanley.

ETA: Greatist has a calendar for their 30 Days of Self Care from their August 2014 challenge if you want a more structured and varied month. But by all means skip it if it doesn’t feel right to you - I won’t be smiling at strangers anytime soon. Just another variation of how to go about the next 30 days.

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