Sorry for the early post, my daughter isn't being understanding on my need to GT.…/ <——Sign up here!

We are using elfster because it is more private and so I don't have to collect anyone's name or address. I have it set so that only the person you draw get's your address. It isn't pen pal style. You might not be doing a direct exchange with another GT. I will not automatically draw names because I have to match the Canadians up!

Please put the info on the wall of the exchange. You can post anonymously but please leave your GT name so I know what is going on!

Deadline to sign up: November 24th.

Deadline to ship gift: December 15th.

I am going to cap the exchange at 25 swaps, or 50 people. Outside of that, it is going to get much too large. So sign up early!


You must have a commenting history of a month or more!


Please let me know if you are from Canada!

Please put your GT name somewhere on the sign up!

Lastly, please keep it winter/secular inspired. Nothing overtly religious like a cross. Something like Santa or a Christmas Tree is fine though.