Hi! It’s now set that boyfriend and his sibling(s) will be taking me to Eat The Rich pop up bar Wednesday evening. It has a Stranger Things theme right now. The address is 1839 7th st NW. It opens at 5 p.m. I still am unclear about accessibility but with two guys, hopefully I can make anything work. I know that this and my other post were short notice but if anyone in the neighborhood wants to meet me and see a great themed bar, look for the brunette in a wheelchair with two brunette guys and maybe more people! You can greet me with Sarah or my screen name. I don’t care if I get doxxed in front of boyfriend’s brother and sister if she comes. Boyfriend already kind of knows who I am here. Hope to meet at least one of you! I will make similar posts whenever I am doing anything else that I think you all might like.

Edit: Place is accessible! Yay!