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GROUPSNACK- Early morning Edition // POTATO SLICES

Okay, so the pictures don't exactly do these babies justice- the potato slices look amateurish because they are, but I've eaten supermarket potato chips before and I prefer these. They're perfect for when you're craving carbs and want a quick snack. Sure, these are still potato chips, but not so sinful (less preservatives, colouring, MSGs, plus you know what's really in there) and they're fun to make.


I'm sharing this for amateur chefs- those who are still cooking babies and can't tell cabbage from lettuce and get hungry at night. I'm sure other people can think of better ways to do this but this (for the moment) makes my tongue happy.

What went in was a conglomeration of online recipes, a suggestion from my dad and random shit that popped up in my brain. I put in: 1 small potato, chives, many basil leaves, curly parsley, red pepper, parmesan cheese (those little sprinkly thingies in bags), 2 garlic cloves and around a quarter cup of olive oil.

In a bowl I placed: Parmesan cheese, All the herbs, Garlic, Olive oil

I drenched the potato slices (the thinner the better) into the mixture


Put it all in the pan. Of course you can bake them; baking makes them crispy too, and I think it'll be healthier.


After it's done, put them in paper towels and sprinkle with red pepper, salt and pepper.

Yup. Nothing much to it, just wanted to share. I love them because of the inconsistencies of my cooking- sometimes they're soft, but the best ones are soft in the middle and crunchy at the edges. Mmm.


PS: If you have any suggestions, please tell me! :)

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