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GT Emergency Fund strikes again!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you know we just sent $100 to our own lovely Zap Rowsdower. She has a shitty situation with a landlord that led her to believe her utilities were covered as part of her rent, and then the utility company charged her for over a year's worth of utilities all at once. So we are helping out!

I love you, GT! You guys are the best!


The GroupThink Emergency Fund was created in October 2013. It was first inspired when longtime member KillerMartinis made an offhanded comment about her electricity being turned off. I (greenheart) started a call for GT members to donate $5 a person to help out, and within 3 hours we'd collected 6 times the amount of the power bill. With the remainder, GT opted to create an emergency fund to help out its members in times of need.


For more information on the fund, visit our website, http://www.groupthinklove.org. To contribute, visit our GoFundMe page or send any donation amount through PayPal to groupthinkemergencyfund@gmail.com. To view the guidelines for requesting and receiving aid, see the original post here. To request assistance, please email us at groupthinkemergencyfund@gmail.com.

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