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Hey guys! It's been only a few days and already we have helped another GT member!

Over the weekend pumpkinthecat posted this. She needs help paying her rent this month or faces eviction. We decided to send her $200! With her permission, we are posting to say that she will be able to avoid eviction while she deals with her medical issues.


If you need to catch up on what the emergency fund is, go here. Our gofundmepage is here with rules and the fund's present total. I haven't transferred pumpkinthecat's money yet though, so that will come out of the total.

Again, thank you guys SO SO SO MUCH for your support and donations. You are the bestest. I am so proud to be part of this community.

UPDATE: People were so generous that it looks like we can actually send her $350, which is one month's rent. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.

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