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GT Emergency Fund: Update!

Okay, it's here! Here is the link to our GoFundMe page: http://www.gofundme.com/523gh4 I haven't added the PayPal money in yet but that's my next step. It's at $141.00 right now and I transferred that money to myself and will donate it to GoFundMe as soon as it clears my account. (too broke to do it any other way right now, unfortunately.)

If you have a need and would like to request a donation, you can email us at groupthinkemergencyfund@gmail.com

If you are one of the people who volunteered to help manage this thing, please email me at the address listed above. I know croguesberg, singsyoursong, miraclewhips, vee, and starkruzr (also known as the Lesser Poobah of the Emergency Fund!) volunteered to help. If you rescind your offer to help, that's totally fine, just let me know. :)


As a reminder, the GT Emergency Fund does have some guidelines. They are as follows:

1. We need to go to great lengths to preserve the anonymity of every donor and recipient. This means we can't give away their IRL identity and we can't ever reveal who gave without the giver's permission. If you want to be anonymous as a donor, go here for instructions on donating anonymously.

3. No one should ever feel obligated to give to the fund.

4. Recipients should be a posting member of GT for at least 2 months prior to receiving a donation.


5. As GUIDELINES ONLY, you should only ask for a donation once a year, in an amount near or below $200, for bills and not as cash donations, and we will only choose one recipient a month. These are guidelines only. Please, if you have a pressing need that exceeds them, let us know.

6. If you are requesting money for another member, please ask their permission first.


7. We will post an update every time we choose a recipient. We will announce the cause, but not the recipient's name unless they give their permission to be identified.

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