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Hey guys! It's been awhile! But the Emergency Fund is still doing well, and you guys continue to be so generous and amazing. We didn't get any requests last month, so this month we helped two people:

FreeSampleThief requested a small amount of money to get her car registered and tested for smog compliance.

An anonymous but deeply valued GT member is going through some really rough times right now, including health problems, a loss of health insurance, and a pileup of bills. We sent her $300 to give her some breathing room and help her catch up.


I also want to thank Napsauce once again for creating and selling the GroupEats Cookbook - we have seen continuing donations to the fund from her, and your generosity.

You guys are amazing, as always. You deserve all the high fives.


The GroupThink Emergency Fund was created in October 2013. It was first inspired when longtime member KillerMartinis made an offhanded comment about her electricity being turned off. I (greenheart) started a call for GT members to donate $5 a person to help out, and within 3 hours we'd collected 6 times the amount of the power bill. With the remainder, GT opted to create an emergency fund to help out its members in times of need.


For more information on the fund, visit our website, http://www.groupthinklove.org. To contribute, visit our GoFundMe page or send any donation amount through PayPal to groupthinkemergencyfund@gmail.com. To view the guidelines for requesting and receiving aid, see the original post here. To request assistance, please email us at groupthinkemergencyfund@gmail.com.

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