Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Okay guys, I'm sure by now you've heard about the Emergency Fund Debacle (I was going to call it Emergency Fund-gate, but I decided to spare you all). I got a ton of emails about it yesterday, and first off, I want to assure you that the Emergency Fund isn't going anywhere. We temporarily hid the gofundme and the old posts about it because we didn't want to deal with trolls, but I'm planning on un-hiding them today.

Secondly, I'm the one who has distributed the money throughout the last year, and I am here to tell you that I'm 99% sure this was a hoax. The guy got too many details wrong about the way we do things, and he implied that he posed as a trans woman to get us to write a check to him with a male name, which never happened. In fact, I've rarely written checks at all, and in each case I have, I actually have the home address of the people I write checks to. That means I know more about them than they know about me. Our preferred way of giving money to people is actually to pay their bills for them, which is a pretty surefire way of not getting defrauded. And although there are a couple instances where that hasn't been possible for one reason or another, I still think there is absolutely no reason to think we have been tricked. I've actually met some of the recipients in person, even handed them the money in person in one instance.


Finally, all charities have been threatened at one point or another by fraudulent claims. Tell me about a single nonprofit where someone hasn't tried to pull some scam on them at some point. It doesn't mean we aren't doing good! The Emergency Fund is amazing. You guys, we've raised somewhere in the neighborhood of $6000 to help people, and 100% of that money actually went to helping people. No overhead, all volunteers who are just excited about helping people. It's remarkable.

Let's not let this get us down. This guy just admitted to being a horrible scumbag who thinks it's funny to try to cheat the kindhearted. That makes him awful, but it just highlights how amazing we are! I love you, Groupthink. Never stop being you.

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