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GT Fantasy Baseball-Anyone interested?

So with baseball season coming we're gonna get more of this...

and this...


and of course this...

man i could watch that last one all day...anyway. It also means the return of fantasy sports and with the Opening Day of March 22nd upon us i thought i would see if there was any interest in a fantasy baseball league for Groupthink. Never done fantasy baseball or any fantasy sports? No problem, i've never ran a league before but i figure if i can diagonse peoples computers from long distance and am trusted with vital info for the state of Oklahoma Department of Human Services everyday, figuring out fantasy baseball should be no issues. First off, lets see how many are intersted. If there are at least 6-8 people who are serious about doing this i'll see what i need to do to get a l;eague going. It will probably be on ESPN.com since that's the easiest place to go to. Just let me know in the comments and feel free to post any gifs of your own team. BASEBALL!

Well that's softball but close enough.


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