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Hello from the second day of jury duty which I am currently doing for the first time ever....

Yes, I am (or was) one of those annoying people who never got called. But it seems my luck finally ran out on that score. Its been...interesting-ish actually? From a nerdy perspective? I came very close yesterday to having to serve on a murder trial and I am deeply, deeply grateful that I got excused at the last moment, because I don’t feel qualified to judge what I’m getting for lunch today, much less whether someone committed homicide. My plan today is to sit very quietly in the back and hope they forget about me. (Yeah, right.)

Anyway, time to tell me what you accomplished this month!

Of the people who set goals at the beginning of the month, did you accomplish them? What were the hardest and the easiest aspects of what you worked on? Anything interesting that you learned which you want to share with the group?


(For those of you who are reading this and going...whaaaaa?? GT is doing a support group for people who want to develop practical, or other kinds of hard skills. Check under the skills tag if you want to learn more.)

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