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GT Fitness: Interested?

Yesterday I made a post about fitness motivation and a few people thought it would be nice to have a GT Fitness group of sorts. There have been some posts around here on fitness or weight loss so there seems to be an interest lately. I want to kick the idea out to everyone and get some feedback on it. I have a few ideas to start with and if anyone has some thoughts on them or anything new, please add them!

Idea #1 Weekly posts where everyone updates the community on their progress. Did you stick to your goals, what were your shortcomings, how do you feel about your progress, etc.


Idea #2 Everyone interested gets put into groups of three or four and your groupmates will email/message you on a daily or weekly basis to keep you motivated. Groups will be based on how frequently you want someone to check in on you (weekly for the already motivated, daily for those that need someone to really badger them, so on and so forth) or what your goals are, so overall increased health or losing a specific amount of weight. Partnering up works too, groups would give you a backup person if your partner is too busy to check in though.

Idea #3 A blend of both, so we have groups, or partners, and we also do a whole GT round up at the end of the week to see how everyone is doing.

Anything that is decided would have to be on the honor system, since there is no way to know what everyone did or did not do. I think friendly distance motivation is better than no motivation though. If anyone has any ideas or input, I would love to hear them. I plan on narrowing down a good plan and then following up with another post so people can sign up or whatever we plan to do.


Here's the sign up post!

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