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GT Fitness: Let's Do This Groupthink!

I was going to put this up later tomorrow but I've seen a couple weight related posts tonight so here it is!

Welcome to GT Fitness! If you're looking for some support in getting healthy, increasing exercise or losing weight, this is the place for you!


Every week there will be a GT Fitness Open Thread where you can post all your fitness related successes and not quite successes. That way you can have a community of people to support and motivate you on your journey, no matter what your goals are. If you need community wide motivation, help, or just somewhere to brag, that post will be where you do it.

If you want, you can also have a GT Fitness Accountability Group as well. The groups will be of three or four community members that share goals similar to yours. If you're only interested in healthier eating, so will the other members of your group. If you're looking to increase your exercise without looking at the scale, so will your group. If you do want to lose weight or whatever your goals may be, your group will be similar as well.

Want to get involved?

If you only want to participate in the Open Thread updates, do nothing! The first post will be up Thursday, January 9. All relevant posts will be tagged GT FITNESS. Find the post and comment on it with your goals and plans and updates. Just like all other Open Threads.


If you would like to join a group, here's how:

1. Email me at itsfadedmoon@gmail.com Please be sure to use your GT username somewhere in the message. The email you use will be the one I give to your groupmates, unless you give me another one. No one else besides your group gets the email address.


2. Briefly tell me what type of group you want (people that want to lose weight, people that only want to focus on healthy eating, etc.) and how often you want to interact with said group (do you want to email each other every single day, every other day or once a week, etc.) Your group can further discuss the email intervals as well.

3. Comment on this post saying "I'm in" or something so I know the email I got from you (that had your username somewhere) is you.


I think the majority of this community is trustworthy. I added the bit about including your username so I can filter out trolls. The last thing I'd want to do is assign a troll to a group.

Within your groups you can decide exactly what everyone needs from one another. You don't all need to have the exact same goals; I just want them to be close enough that everyone can feel some connection to their group. So only one may want to do weigh ins, and that's okay, just support them! And if the idea of a groupmate doing weekly weigh ins is triggering or upsetting to you, tell me in the email! If you are planning to have a weight loss focused group but you do not want to talk current numbers or something, tell me that too! I want everyone to have a great time with this.


Dates to Note:

January 1 – 8th: Initial Group Sign Ups

Starting today through next Wednesday the initial sign-ups will be open. If you want a group you will be assigned one before next Thursday. If you're a straggler and come in after the 8th, you can still have a group; I just want to make sure the bulk of people have their groups before the first Open Thread.


Thursday January 9th: 1ST GT Fitness Open Thread

Those in groups and those without groups can all comment and post on this entry.


Open Threads will cover the previous Friday to that current Thursday. So the first Open Thread will cover the progress made from Friday January 3 to Thursday January 9. You may not have had your group for very long at that point (if you want one), it's just a get started post. I picked Thursday because I thought it was best to get it out before the weekend.

If there are any questions, comment here or email me. I look forward to seeing how this works out for everyone!

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