Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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GT foodies--help me menu plan!

So I've got 8 people over on Sunday for our first Feast of Ice & Fire—I host a GoT-inspired dinner party every sunday during the season because I: a. love to cook really complex meals, and b. am a huge nerd.

Normally, I have my meals pretty well planned-out, but things have been super hectic at work and next week proves to be more of the same. I was out last night and one of my Sunday regulars mentioned how excited they were for the premiere dinner...SHIT, IS THAT THIS WEEK?!


As of now, I'm making a Capon with lime and ginger, served with a relish of carrots, cherries, and citrus. I'm thinking maybe a cauliflower/potato dauphinoise as my starch.

What else you you like to eat with this citrusy bird?

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