Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This game is going around on my Facebook - do a Google image search with your first name followed by the words glamour shots and post the image that comes up.* [ETA APPARENTLY IF YOU'RE AT WORK TURN ON SAFE SEARCH!]

Did any of you get Glamour Shots back in the day? I wanted them really bad but my mom wouldn't let me because she thought they were weird. All my friends had them! God, that was such a good business idea. I wonder if we could refresh it and work it for today...I think we'd have to kind of Kardashian everyone up with contouring and bronzer and hair extensions and fake eye lashes to keep with current styles.

Here's mine!

Illustration for article titled GT Game!

*I had to skip a couple actually glamorous shots of celebrities that share my first name, but I chose the first non-celebrity.

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