I love hearing about what video games other people on GT are playing.

As for me:

Shin Megami Tensei IV (3DS)
This is a role playing game in a half medieval half futuristic setting. You collect and fuse demons (the art for the demons is actually really cool) to fight other demons. The choices you make throughout the game affect your ending (chaos, neutral or law). The series is supposedly really hard, but I'm finding it fairly easy at this point since the combat system has a lot of things you can exploit to your advantage.

Banished (PC)
A nice relaxing city-builder. It seems simple, as there are no tech trees or un-lockable buildings, but balancing population and growth is surprisingly complex and engrossing. I cannot recommend this hilarious Kotaku video about it enough.


I'm also trying to finish Fire Emblem, but I'm running into that problem where I get distracted by sidequests because of my completionist tendencies and then I lose interest because grinding is boring. I do this all the time, where I never beat the final boss because sidequests get in the way.

Finally, I really want to buy South Park: Stick of Truth which is out today, but $$$.


What are you playing GT?