I went through all my emails this morning and I am happy to report that, with very few exceptions, everyone who contacted me will be getting some goodies in the mail :-)

The PT and planets were (obviously) the highest in demand. I dipped into my stock just a few times and tried to spread everything out as much as possible if people requested multiple prints (those of you who requested multiple may just get one or some of your requests so others could also get something).

I’m also going to take this opportunity to say thanks to all of you—some of you may not realize that I’ve been around since day one of Jez and while I don’t spend time on the site any longer, this community has done a lot to help and support me through the years. And, I’ve also observed as you’ve helped one another these last few years, with the GT fund and all that. It makes me feel better about humanity in general.

I also want to thank my dad, even though he won’t see this, for fostering a love of science and music. And the Halfpence, the namesake of my little side project (fun fact: the name Halfpence came from someone on Jez while I was pregnant and still going by the name Penny) and an endless sense of inspiration and love.

I hope you all have a nice FDY and, if you don’t celebrate, a beautiful Sunday :-)