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GT Halloween Book Club Nom Thread

Hey, all—it sounded like there was some interest in book clubbing a scary book in celebration of Halloween. Let’s get a list of noms going!

I’d like to suggest that we read a book by... someone who’s not a straight, white dude?; I know a lot of us have stopped reading books by straight, white men, or at least are making a concerted effort to read books by under represented folks.


If you have a nomination, please make your suggestions by commenting on this thread. To vote, simply start the comment that names the book you’re interested in.

Feel free to suggest as many texts as you like but please make each suggestion in a separate comment. People will vote by starring your comment, so if you list a bunch of suggestions in one, we won’t know which text people are voting for.

I’ll post the final three on Tue. and a vote thread on Th. We should have our book selected by the weekend. Exciting! Let’s read scary books!!!

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