So, my favorite cousin is pregnant with her 2nd kid. And I mean, I really like her first. I've got shit tons of cousins and they have tons of kids, but I really like this one! And so, I want to get her a gift.

I'm trying to find a book where the characters look like her and maybe a toy. So, GT

1. What books about darker skinned African American big sisters can you recommend? I found a few with lighter skinned girls, but we try really hard to find her books that reflect her, not her cousins (our older generation is color struck and I'm pretty sure that's fucked some of us up. No need to continue that).

I couldn't find any, but did find this


2. What are the kids liking for toys these days? She's a pretty kick ass kid who enjoys everything, but if it could be a making toy, that'd be great. She's 6