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Please don't respond with Big & Tall. Have you seen the kind of clothes they sell there? It's like a direct time warp back to 1975.

Anyway — my boyfriend is 23 and 6'5" or 6'6", depending on who's measuring. Unfortunately, this makes it extremely hard for him to find clothes that fit well and also don't make him look like some sort of fashion clueless heathen. The options for tall dudes are very limited — and as my boyfriend's wardrobe dwindles down to nothing (like, he's seriously nursing three pairs of black jeans that are about to get ripped to hell) we're in crisis mode. He needs new clothes and he needs them badly.

Anything you think would be the right fit is usually too wide (ie: for someone heavier/bulkier than he is) or too short in the arms. He already says nothing at Urban Outfitters, J Crew or similar stores fit him because of the sleeve issue. His pant size is a 34 x 36.


So, where does a reasonably fashionable dude who happens to be tall find clothes that are also age appropriate? He's mentioned he needs to go shopping, but he hates it so much he won't take any initiative to research stores. I'm hoping I can get some leads so he can shop on his own, and so I can pick up things for him for Christmas.

Also, if it's possible — he's metal worker and works for this art company, so a lot of his clothes get ruined by flying sparks, tools, etc. If there are cheaper options (ie: Target-priced) to mix in with the fancier stuff, I'd LOVE to hear them.

EDIT: He just told me his shirt size is a 16 36/37 and his soulder to cuff measurement is 27". Maybe that'll help?

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