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GT, HELP! I need advice on taking my ex landlady to court

So a while back I had an epic epic roommate fight that coincided with my moving into a new place in June (my lease ended in July). It is now almost October and I have not received my security deposit back. Now my landlady is saying that she will not give me my deposit until my ex roommates, who are still living there, move out in January. She also says we owe her money on a past-due heating bill. She insists this bill be paid in installments, and when I asked her to show me (or at least tell me) exactly what we all owe she refuses to do so. This woman is a slum lord, and will most certainly charge us for damages that were already present in the apartment (aka the broken and boarded up kitchen window) or charge us for things we were not responsible for breaking (aka tiles falling out of the crumbling shower wall; the stair railing that fell apart when her husband was casually resting on it).

I have had ENOUGH of this overlong saga of rage and despair, and I intend to get my money back or go down trying. I've put up with this shit for too damn long. Has anyone been through this kind of situation before? What did you do?


ETA: I'm planning on going to small claims court. This is a lot of money for me, but it's not enough to actually hire a real lawyer.

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