I need some super safe-for-work blogs/news sites to read, and the only ones I can think of are the New York Times website and Raw Story.

This might seem like a stupid problem, but when I have down time at work (doesn't always happen, but occasionally it does), I prefer to check in on Groupthink/O-Deck and tumblr from my smartphone. I haven't been using my work computer to read stuff on because I don't have my own personal cubicle, and also I'm not the only one who uses that desktop during the day. No one has cared that I have my phone out, but my station's parent company just got bought out by a major broadcasting company, and we're going to have some corporate reps hanging around soon. I don't need anyone to tell me that having my phone out all of the time might look unprofessional to an outsider, so ... yeah, I need some new reading material that isn't affiliated with Gawker, Buzzfeed, DListed or tumblr. TIA.