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GT, help me make big decisions

I need internet people to make decisions for me.


GT, I am graduating from le university soon, and I want to move out of my shithole small town afterwards. I was considering attending a prestigious law school that we'll call "Marvard," but the more I think about it, the more I think I should wait at least a year to attend law school. There are two main reasons for this. I will discuss here for GT wisdom and insight.

1) Cost. Guess what? Law school costs a shitload, and I don't think I'm ready to devote my life to paying off debt. But I go back and forth about this. Sometimes I think I am, in fact, ready to devote myself to law, and that debt is an investment. Especially if I end up going to a Marvard-type school. Other times I feel like I should concentrate on things other than "investment." Enter point two.

2) Self-care. I've been neglecting my self for quite some time. I've never had a fulfilling, long-lasting partnership with a person. To be honest, I've never had a best friend either. This isn't some "poor-me" confession; I've deliberately avoided social interaction because I didn't want to "mess up" professional aspects of my life. I've always prioritized "business" over my mental well-being, and so I find myself socially immobilized. Terrified of intimacy, vulnerability, etc. I think that going to law school would just make it more difficult to prioritize healthy human interactions and the self-care that I need.

So the more I think about it, the more I lean away from law school. At least for the time being, that is.

Anndddd enter emotionalspock's plan B. If I don't go to law school, I'd like to get a permanent job (I'm currently in a temp position) in an out-of-state city and move by July of this year. I'm just trying to figure out if I can 1) snag a job that is out-of-state by july 2) find affordable housing if I get said job (cue dismissive "oh, honey, not in this job climate" comments). Cities I'm looking at include DC and NYC. I have some ties in DC, but I'm not sure how useful they'd be in securing a job...I have no ties in NYC, although I've visited several times.

What does GT think?

ETA: I'm not going to law school just to move. That's dumb. I'm simply saying that either way, my lease is up in July and I have to make some kind of Big Decision, here. I can't stay in the same place after July, and I won't have my temp job.

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