Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I've decided to move to a place to better my chances of getting a job.

But which place, GT? I'm between NYC, specifically Brooklyn, and beltway DC. Two things I absolutely need in either place is: walking-distance public transportation and flexible housing options (ie I can rent a room for 3 months NSA, immediately find better housing after job is secure, etc)

So I wrote out a pros/cons list. Here's what I have so far...does GT have anything to add?

NYC pros | DC pros
-cheaper rent/room rentals | -professional ties
-better public transportation | -good job market

NYC cons |DC cons
-not familiar with job market | -expensive rent in beltway
-no ties | -costly transportation, not as extensive

So given these things, I think I'd be less likely to find work in NYC, but I might last longer on my savings.* For DC, I might be more likely to find work, but I'd have to secure a job more quickly cus it's more expensive.

What to do, GT?


*If you're curious about my budget, email me at itistolul@gmail.com.

ETA: Don't worry! I have a "Plan B" if I run out of money.

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