Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

GT, Kinja logged me out for some weird reason, and I scrambled for 30 or so minutes trying to find that very random 20-digit Burner password attached to my account. For a moment, I thought the password was lost forever, with no hope of retrieval.

My internet life flashed before my eyes. Months of crafting an online persona, lost to a trollkinja glitch! All of those very on-point critiques of unfortunate celebrity fashion choices, all of those late-night debates about uniforms, all of those gifs, for naught. An online life, an amazing username, wasted! And then what? Would I dare to create a new burner persona? Build my reputation up again with a different username, desperately telling all GTers in sight "you guise! It's me, Emotional Spock. No, really, It's me!" I imagined my comments getting lost in the random jumble of "highlights," without so much as a pity "recommended" star from fans. Oh, how I cried.

Thankfully, I found the 20 digit code. Crisis was averted.


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