A few weeks ago, I asked a friend to keep his eyes peeled for job leads because I needed to get those dead presidents. But before my friend could follow up, I got hired by someplace else. And now, my friend has come back with a really cool job lead that I am not going to pursue. I asked him if I could post details of the position here, cus I know it's rough out there for some GTers. And he's like "yeah!"

So now I'm Passing the Savings Onto You!!

My friend is the store manager at Swarovski, Oakbrook center in west Chicago's suburbs. He's hiring a full-time/part-time "Brand Ambassador" (fancy-pants name for saleperson). GT, this guy is Emotional-Spock approved. He gave his employees Easter Baskets. EASTER BASKETS.

Brand Ambassadors sell luxury jewelry and accessories. The position includes health benefits (even for part time), vision, dental, paid vacation, and company discounts.

Store manager is looking for someone who is...
-Gregarious and personable
-Comfortable with constructive criticism

He'd prefer someone who...
-Has experience with luxury sales
-Has experience building client relationships and keeping a client book

And above all, my friend wants someone who cares about their job. This is "high-end" retail, so you're expected to sell to fancy clients in volume. Store manager will hold you to that standard, although he's still super nice and he has a tiny doggy named Biscuit.

Store manager says it's okay if you're not from luxury sales. In that case, you just have to be comfortable with learning the ropes, being coached on how to sell luxury stuff, etc. Store manager wants to teach you how to upsell without being That Annoying Sales Person At The Mall Oh God Don't Make Eye Contact.

Anyways, if you're interested, please email me at the usual itistolul@gmail.com, and I'll give you his contact info.