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So I'm going to discuss food, working out, pregnancy, and body issues all in one glorious request for advice.

Pregnancy nausea sucks, people. I refuse to call it morning sickness because it's all day "I feel like I could throw up. Am I going to throw up? I'd like to throw up now please." Unfortunately I never actually get to puke—I just get to cough really hard and wonder if anything is going to happen, then I sit on the couch and grex. I've only been able to tolerate eating lots of fruit, some yogurt, all potato products, and the occasional meat product. I know I need more vegetables. I know this. But I'm having a really difficult time looking at them right now.


I'd like to make soups over spring break, and ideally I'd like some soups with veggie components. Difficulty: chicken, when not expressly in Wendy's chicken nugget form, is currently making me retch every time I see it, smell it, or think of it. Whatever soups you recommend could potentially use chicken stock, but should avoid actual chicken. All other proteins are go.

Second, I'm having some major body issues right now. I was overweight before I got pregnant and feel like I've been ballooning up rapidly. The "books" all say since I'm overweight I should only gain 11-20 lbs this pregnancy, but I feel like I'm packing on the pounds even without eating more...I think it's just all the carbs, since they are all I can tolerate easily (I usually followed a 100-carb of less general rule before since diabetes runs in my family). The doctor doesn't really want me to start running again since I'm very out of practice and doesn't want me using weights more than 10 lbs. I have definitely been obsessing over weight gained real or perceived. My husband finally hid the scale (at my request) because I was getting on it every day and freaking out. On top of it, I feel incredible guilt for already being overweight AND being turned off by veggies—like I'm already failing as a mother at only 10 weeks pregnant. Needless the say, my relationship with food/exercise/myself is not great at the moment. ETA: My goals are to 1) improve my diet by incorporating more vegetables and 2) find healthy ways to exercise without obsessing about it.

Do you have suggestions for workouts—dvd or otherwise? I have a treadmill and am trying to get 30-40 minutes on it 4 days a week, but just walking is getting super boring even with my Gilmore Girls dvds to keep me company. I want to limit myself to no more than 30 minutes 5-6 days a week because again, I don't want it to become a sticking point.

Have any of you been in a similar situation? How did you deal?

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